NLB Core Manual

Printing Instructions NLB Manual


Order of Manual Printing:

  1. IntroContents.pdf
  2. NLBMOO.pdf
  3. Coach’s Manual:  
    1. coach intro page first, 
    2.  then session 1-16, 
    3. CERT.PT.doc goes at the end of session 16.  This is a .doc document so centers can modify the certificates to meet their needs.
  4. Participant Notebook:  session 1-16
  5. sessionoutlines.pdf
  6. toolbox.pdf
  7. ProblemSolving.pdf

 Separate each section with a tab.  It is helpful to separate each session of the Coach’s Manual and the Participant Notebook with colored paper.

 If you want to save paper, you can print the IntroContents, NLB MOO and ProblemSolving sections back to back.  You can also print the Coach’s Manual back to back except NLB Coach Session 1, page 12-24 and NLB Coach Session 2, page 13.  Single page these exceptions and the Participant Notebook as it will be easier to make copies of participant handouts that are single page copied.  If you have access to a color printer, the participant handouts do print in color.

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