NLB After Core Manual

Printing Instructions NLB After Core Manual

Order of After Core Manual Printing:  

1. After Core MOO Intro and Index 

2. Manual of Operations-Sections 1-4 

3.     What’s Next? Participant Handout (found in After Core Sessions-Section 6, Individual Participant Worksheets) 

4. After Core Lifestyle Coach Resources-Section 5 (suggested order printing)

a. Introduction Section 5 

b.     Lifestyle Balance Update: Contacts After Core 

c. Group Session Update Log After Core 

d. Participant Tracker 

e. Mail-In Monday Card 

f. Lifestyle Balance How Am I Doing? Weight Graph 

g. Lifestyle Balance How Am I Doing? Activity Graph

i.Graph for up to 300 minutes activity/week 

ii.Graph for up to 500 minutes activity/week

h. Monthly Activity Calendar 

5. After Core Session Examples-Section 6

a. Introduction Section 6 

b. Individual Participant Worksheet 

c. Group HELP Session 

d. Group Campaign

Separate each section with a tab. For Section 6, make a tab for Individual Participant Worksheets, Group HELP Sessions and Group Campaigns. Instead of printing all of the materials in Section 6, create your After Core Section 6 as you choose to teach the sessions. That is, pick the session you will teach and print the materials for the session. Add a copy of the materials to your After Core binder with a note as to when you taught the class and strengths of the session and ways to improve the session if you teach it again.

The Keeping Track booklet and Fat Counter are participant booklets found in Section 5 are the same as the booklets used during the Core Curriculum. Download these items and take them to a printer to produce these booklets for your participants. You can also order Keeping Track books and Fat Counters from the National Diabetes Education Website and click on Diabetes Prevention.

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Jun 30, 2011, 7:58 PM
Chris Percy,
Jun 30, 2011, 7:58 PM
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Jun 30, 2011, 7:58 PM
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